What is Bonsai?

The Japanese word Bonsai (often missspelled bonzai), has its origins in the Chinese word pen-tsai, which literally translated mean tree-in-a-pot.

However, bonsai is more than just growing a tree-in-a-pot. It is an holistic art form that bring together horticulture, nature, aesthetics and Zen into a harmonious well balanced landscape that fires our senses and imagination.

A tree planted in a pot is not a bonsai until it has been pruned, shaped, and trained into an pleasing shape. Its size Bonsai is carefully contorolled through a process that manages the plants growing condition; selective pruning and shaping that enhances that trees vigour and beauty. Bonsai are often trained to mimic aging, grand trees in their natural settings. Often bonsai may have exaggerated and contorted appearance that represent trees that are battling nature and surviving inhospitable mountain sides or rocky outcrops.

Bonsai artist understand and bring out the best of their tree into a living and ever changing art that tantalises our senses through the seasons and the years. A bonsai matures in beauty and tranquillity with age and with every bit of love and care it receives, and are often prized as family heirloom that are passed on from generation to generation.