Bonsai Sizes

Bonsai are also classified according to their sizes. There is considereable disagreement on range of sizes and or the isze within the range, but never-the-less more and more terms (if not exact measurement) are being recognised by Bonsai enthusiats by in large.

  • Large Size Bonsai (Dai or Daiza)
    • Imperial - Upto 200cm tall
    • Bonju - 100cm - 150cm tall
    • Omono - 80-120cm
  • Medium Size (Kifu)
    • Chu/Chuhin - medium to large, 40-60 cm tall
    • Katade-mochi, up to 40cm
  • Small Bonsai (Shohin)
    • Myabi - 15cm-25cm
    • Gafu - 13cm-20cm
    • Komono - up to 18cm
  • Tiny Bonsai - Mame
    • Shito - 2.5-7.5 cm tall.
    • Keshi - tsubu, up to 2.5cm

The smallest of bonsai are large enough to grow in a thimble, but remember the smaller they are the more difficult they are to care for.