The Bonsai Way

Welcome fellow Bonsai Wanderers – currently this page is a place holder as I develop this site further.

The information I, hopefully, will present here will be development of ideas and thought that are not necessarily found elsewhere on the web – a tall claim I know – but the reason I say this is because the ideas and thoughts presented out here will be heavily tainted with my opinions, experiences and ideology. Ideas that hopefully will get you to want to dialogue with me – even if it just-to shout “bollocks”.

Acer palmantum

For the time being this area is dedicated to Bonsai, its sister Arts and perhaps other Gardening meanders. I am deeply interested in the influence that Bonsai has on our every day lives and how it affects our very being. But I shall go into that later and perhaps get you to share some of the ways that Bonsai has move you your family and your way of life - your very Zen.

Over the years I have worked very closely with Japanese Master Nobuyuki Kajiwara whose unwavering attention to detail and meticulousness that goes into every task when dealing with Bonsai, has opened up a new chasm for me to explore; and one into which I have fallen whole-heartedly. Watching him work on his collection, year after year, and applying his techniques to my bonsai, has made an astounding difference to my collection.

I believe ever bonsai fan will benifit from the Kajiwara Way, and as such we regularly run Master Classes with Nobu, and have built up a core group of bonsai enthusiasts, we hope you will join us.

I’m afraid that being a computer man I find it easier to write thousands of lines of code, than pen my thoughts to paper – so bear with me while I work out how to say what I want to say.

In the meantime do email me if you would like me to add something or voice your opinion.

Mark D’Cruz