How to Bonsai trees for beginners
Cedrus bervifolia leaves

Most of us have seen or heard of Bonsai, many of us even given one as a present, which we have managed to kill. Some of us have given up; and some of us have decided not to be daunted, and carried on and learnt more about these enchanting little trees.

Since you are reading this article I presume you have or are thinking about learning and finding out more. This site is dedicated to you and your quest into learning about and mastering the Art and Practice of Bonsai.

Keeping and growing Bonsai is not as hard as many believe it is. There are a few basics that are you need to understand for your Bonsai flourish. I believe most of us already have the rudimentary skills required to look after and care for our bonsai.

In this section we shall explore some of the terminology, techniques, tools and materials you will need to care for your Bonsai.

Mark D'Cruz