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1 Ulmus glabra

Wych Elm, Scots Elm

Like the oak, the elm is one of Britain's national symbols. A large deciduous tree that is prevalent along most of central and Souther Europe and Asia Minor. Once by far the most common tree in the British Isle, its susceptibility to Dutch Elm disease has now made it a very uncommon large tree. The resultant decline has been extreme and the Wych Elm is now uncommon over much of its former range. It make a lovely medium to large Bonsai.

2 Ulmus hollandica Jacqueline Hillier

Elm Jacqueline Hillier

'Jacqueline Hillier' is a cultivar of the natural hybrid Ulmus x elegantissima Horwood cloned from a specimen found in a Birmingham, England, garden circa 1960. It makes a compact small to medium-sized shrub with small, double-toothed leaves 2.5 cm to 3.5 cm fine twigs.

3 Ulmus parvifolia

Chinese Elm

Chinese elm is fast growing, deciduous or evergreen depending on its location, forms a graceful upright rounded canopy with shiny, dark green leathery leaves. Several dwarf varieties, sports of Ulmus parvifolia, exist which grow slower than the ordinary Chinese elm. Chinese Elm produce a fine network of twigs and branches help them turn into impressive Bonsai in a short time. A versitile and very popular species of Bonsai, especially with those just starting out with Bonsai.

4 Ulmus procera

English Elm

The English Elm a decidious tree native from England to central and south Europe, grows to a big tree of about 35 meters. It has a big dense domed crown with dark green alternate leafs, which follow a flush of clusters of small reddish flowers. It make a lovely dense bonsai with the leafs reducing quite significantly.

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