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1 Sageretia theezans

Sageretia, Mock Buckthorn, Sweet-plum, Chinese sweet plum

An evergreen shrub that grows to 3 m tall with delicate oval light green to green leaves 1-5 cm, it has inconpicuious flowers and small edible drupe shaped fruit upto 1cm in diameter. It is a long cherised Bonsai species and has many old specimens.

2 Salix alba

White Willow

White willow is a tall spreading graceful tree which generally grows to between 10 and 25 m tall. White willow leaves are lanceolate-acuminate and between 5 and 10 cm long and about 1 cm. wide. Their edges are minutely serrated with the underside white to silver grey, giving the this willow its name.

3 Salix matsudana Tortuosa

Twisted Willow, Contorted Willow, Chinese Willow

Native to China the Twisted Willow is a tall spreading graceful tree with contorted weeping branches which generally grows to about 30 meters tall. The willow leaves are lanceolate-acuminate and between 5 and 10 cm long and about 1 cm. wide. It is a close relative of the synonym of Salix babylonica, the Peking Willow.

4 Schefflera arboricola

Dwarf Umbrella Tree, Hawaiian Schefflera

An evergreen shrub growing between 3 and 4 m tall, with weak trailing stems and palmately compound leaves. It is as popular a house plant as it is a Bonsai. In the UK it is not as common as a Bonsai which is a shame really as it is really quite robust in our indoor living conditions tolerating low light and to some extent even dry draughty conditions.

5 Sequoia sempervirens

Costal Redwood, Californian Redwood

Native to California the Costal Redwood is prized for its wood which is light weight, and resistance to decay. With fragrant scale like leaves this giant is an extremely quick grower. Fully hardy in Britain, though they may lose their leaves in cold winters, with seemingly no detrimental effect on the tree. It thrives in Britain in the cooler moister western parts of the country. It is a long lived species with many specimens reportedly over 1000 years old.

6 Sequoiadendron giganteum

Giant Sequoia, Wellingtonia, Sierra Redwood

This giant of Trees is an extremely quick grower an is reputted to be the biggest trees with some specimens weighing over 2000 tons. It is long lived with coarse but sented leaves, the trees loves a constantly moist soil. While it will tolerate virtually all extremes it will not survive a drought.

7 Serissa foetida Mount Fuji

Varigated Tree of a Thousand Stars, Serrisa Mount Fuji

Serissa foetida Mount Fuji cultivar has larger leaves and a thicker stem than other Serissas. It is strongly variegated, with single Star shaped white flowers. Variegation changes throughout the year, based on temperature, light and nutrient content.

8 Serissa foetida

Serissa, Tree of a Thousand Stars , Snow Rose

Serissa, is by far one of the most popular Bonsai trees sold in Europe and America. It makes a beautiful bonsai; has very small dark green leaves, a beautifully textured bark, trunk even on young trees, and when in boom does justice to its names of Tree of Thousand Stars and Snow Carpet.

9 Spiraea japonica

Japanese spiraea, Japanese meadowsweet

Japanese spiraea is a native of Southwest China and has its spread over much of China, Korea and Japan. Its habitat is by streams and other riperian areas. It prefers a full sun location but can tolerate shade. It is a decidious shrub that has custers of rosy-pink flowers at the tips of the branches. It make lovely small to medium Bonsai, full of year round character.

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