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1 Lagerstroemia indica

Crepe Myrtle

L. indica is an upright, deciduous tree with peeling, grey and brown bark and small dark-green, opposite leaves to 8 cm. Each plant has separate male and female flowers; vast numbers appear in Summer clothing the tree in white, pink, red or purple depending on the variety.

2 Larix decidua

European Larch

Tall decidous conifer tree upto 150 feet. Bark in younger trees is greyish but dark brown in older trees. Strongly smells of turpentine. Range mainly in Central europe in the Highlands a Pioneering Species the Larch is Fast growing and shade inloterant.

3 Larix kaempferi

Japanese Larch, Karamatsu

The beautiful Larch is a deciduous conifers which is very popular among bonsai growers around the world. Its small colorful purple cones, lime green spring foliage, bronze autumn foliage, redish brown makes a Japanese Larch an all season attraction and is a highly popular species for Bonsai in Japan and Europe.

4 Ligustrum japonicum

Japanese Privet, Tree Privet, Wax Leaf Privet

It is an evergreen shrub or small tree growing to between 2 and 5 meters tall, with smooth, pale grey-brown bark. Often grown as small city trees or above hedges. Makes delightful bonsai of all sizes, especially attractive when in full bloom.

5 Ligustrum sinense

Chinese Privet, Small-Leaved Privet

A deciduous Shrubs or small trees growing to between 2 meters and 4 meters, rarely 7 m. Branchlets and leafs are hairy when you gradually become hairless. It habitat is in China and Vietnam is in thickets, mixed woods and forests in valleys and ravines mainly along streams. Is widely grown as a Bonsai in China from where hundreds of thousands have been exported to Europe and the America.

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