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1 Jasminium nudiflorum

Winter Jasmine

Winter Jasmine is a deciduous shrub native to China with slender arching green shoots which fan out to form a finely branched cushion. The Jasmine flowers profusely, on last years growth, in solitary, bright yellow flowers, before the leaves, through Winter and into early Spring. Winter Jasmine make interesting small and shohin bonsai, with its stark winter branches and starry yellow flowers.

2 Juniperus chinensis

Chinese Juniper

The Chinese Juniper (Juniperus chinensis) is a shrub or tree, very variable in shape, reaching 1-20 m tall. It is a popular ornamental tree or shrub in gardens and parks, with over 100 named cultivars selected for various characters.

3 Juniperus communis

Common Juniper

Common juniper has the largest geographic range of any woody plant in the world. It is distributed throughout Temprate Northern Hemisphere , USA, Greenland, Iceland, throughout Europe and in northern Asia and Japan.and is even found in parts of Northern Africa. It grows as Coniferous shrub or columnar tree. It grows as a low mat-forming shrub 2'-5' tall and 7'-13' across and in Europe it is quite common in its treelike form when it can reach height of about 25 .

4 Juniperus rigida

Temple Juniper, Needle Juniper

This East Asian Juniper has an open habit with graceful drooping branches, is a much cherished tree in Chinese and Japanese Gardens and Temples and also much loved as Bonsai. There are many fine and old examples of Juniperus rigida Bonsai.

5 Juniperus squamata

Blue Juniper, Flaky Juniper, Nepal juniper, Single Seed Juniper

Juniperus squamata, known as Single seed Juniper, is a juniper native to Himalaya and China, from north-eastern Afghanistan east to western Yunnan in south-western China.This juniper has striking blue-gray foliage that spread out like a 'blue carpet'. This prostrate variety that is especially suitable for cascade and semi-cascade styles. It has a slow to medium growth rate, of about 10' in ten years.

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