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Podocarpus macrophyllus
Buddhist Pine, Chinese Yew, Kasamiki, Japanese Yew

The Podocoarpus is from the Conifer group and has long oval leafs 5-15 cm long. It grows to 25 meters occasionally to 40 meters, produces Yew like Purple Fruit, and is distributed through Japan, China and Himalayan Asia. It is much revered tree in Japanese and Chinese temples and is a favourite Bonsai too. It is grown in the colder regions as an Indoor Bonsai.


Formal upright, Informal Upright, Slanting, Cascade, Semi-cascade, Literate, Broom, Rock-over-root, Clasped-to-rock, Twin-trunk, Clump, Sinuous, Straight Line, Group planting, Saikei




When grown indoors prefers a bright position and does well in direct sunlight. If light is insufficient can lead to elongated stems and leafs. Outdoors will survive in zones 9 and above. Mildly frost resistant, but best kept above 12C or 55F Zones 9 through 11. Will survive light frost, but for best results, keep above 55F.


Like moist soil, water regularly during winter and summer ensuring the pot does not water log.


In summer feed every 15 day, during winter every 5-6 weeks will do fine. During Summer and the growing season use Miracid as the plant like a slightly acidic soil. During winter a milder Seaweed extract Foliar Feed with Chelated Iron helps with plant vigour and resitance building. Use Epsom salts to impove leaf development during summer and growing season, 1-2 application should be enough.

Leaf and Branch Pruning:

Prune Leafs Twigs at anytime of the year, leave structural pruning till spring or earl summer. Let shoots grow to between 8-10cm before cutting back to about 2-3 cm.

Re-potting & Growing Medium:

Repot every 3-4 years, use a well drained compost. Prune roots lighty, no more then 20, and avoid bare rooting the tree. Use a general purpose soil 1 Part Loam, 1 Part Pine Bark, 1 Part Grit (1 Part 1Kiryujuma, 1 Part Fuji Grit, 1 Part Pine Bark)


Wiring can be carried out at any time of the year, but be on the look out for wire marks.


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