Bonsai Training Information

Ficus macrophylla
Karrevaira, Moreton Bay Fig, Waabie

The Moreton Bay Fig is a beautiful evergreen tree that has spread broader than it is taller with dense umbrella-like canopy with huge trunk and wide buttressed roots and is a Native of Autralia. Figs are orange to purple and up to 2.5 cm in diameter and fruit over several months of the year. Aborigines used the bark to make string. Makes interesting bonsai plant.


Formal upright, Informal Upright, Slanting, Cascade, Semi-cascade, Broom, Rock-over-root, Clasped-to-rock, Twin-trunk, Clump, Sinuous, Straight Line, Group planting, Saikei




Light position but out of direct sunlight


Water well. Keep soil moist. Loves to be sprayed and misted. If grown in green house above 20c with a misting will give of lots of aerial shoots. Do not let roots sit in water tray - will cause root rot. Use a humidity tray - to maintain micro climate around plant.


Bi-weekly during summer season. Monthly in winter. In warmer climates feed biweekly throughout the year.

Leaf and Branch Pruning:

Pruning encourages new shoot growth and is best carried out during the warmer growing seasons. To maintain shape cut back to the last two leafs on shoots that have grown 5-6 leafs.

Re-potting & Growing Medium:

Young trees repot every year in the warmer months. Remove up 20% of root length if pot congested with fibrous roots. Cut down roots that circle around pot. Replace soil will Loam, Clay, Sand of equal amounts.


Wiring can be done at any time of the year. Ficus branches are soft so wiring should not be allowed to remain on then for more then a few months at a time - to avoid wire marks.


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