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Acer pseudoplatanus
Sycamore Tree

A Central European mountain species it is one of europes tallest maples often growing over 30 metres tall.


Formal upright, Informal Upright, Slanting, Cascade, Semi-cascade, Broom, Rock-over-root, Clasped-to-rock, Twin-trunk, Clump, Group planting, Saikei




Place the tree where it will receive morning or evening sun but will not be in direct sunlight at the height of summer, and do not water in direct sun. The delicate foliage can "burn" if exposed to direct summer sun. Water well in early morning or late afternoon to prevent the soil from drying out.


Water regularly keep soil moist not wet as root tend to suffer easily from root rot. Ensure soil is well drained.


Leaf and Branch Pruning:

Maples are usually shaped by pinching and pruning.

Re-potting & Growing Medium:

Every year for younger trees and evry 2 to 3 years for older trees. Repot in spring, shortening the roots by up to a third of their length. Remove dead or damaged roots should be removed to avoid root rot. Repot in 60% loam, 20% peat, and 20% coarse sand. Unglazed oval pots in earth tones are usually used.


Wire sparingly and with care, in spring. Check wire frequelty and remove after a few months.


A credible dissenting opinion says that maples do not burn because of exposure to the sun per se, but rather due to the presence of dissolved minerals in the water supply. These minerals build up in the leaves, making them more susceptible to browning and curling when exposed to strong sunlight. The traditional opinion has been that the burning effect happens because of water droplets acting like a lens to concentrate the sunlight. Anecdotal evidence can be found to support either point of view

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