Bonsai Training Information

Lagerstroemia indica
Crepe Myrtle

L. indica is an upright, deciduous tree with peeling, grey and brown bark and small dark-green, opposite leaves to 8 cm. Each plant has separate male and female flowers; vast numbers appear in Summer clothing the tree in white, pink, red or purple depending on the variety.


Informal Upright, Broom, Twin-trunk




In summer Myrtles are best placed outside in a sunny position. Myrtles are not fully hardy and need to be brought indoors from October to May. Over winter in a position in a partially heated room where temperatures are allowed to drop at night to allow leaf-drop and dormancy. Ensure good humidity levels are provided by use of a gravel tray.


Frequently in spring, ensure good humidity levels are provided by use of a gravel tray. Moderately water during the rest of the year. Reduce watering in winter and just before flowering to encourage bud formation.


Bi-monthly during growing season. A general purpose plant food or bonsai food or slow release plant pelets.

Leaf and Branch Pruning:

Wait until new shoots have extended and then cut back to one or two pairs of leaves in late Spring. Do not prune through the rest of the year you want flowers to develop as they start developing only early Summer onwards.

Re-potting & Growing Medium:

Root prune annually in Spring as new growth commences in a basic soil mix - with a good clay content of about 50%.


Wire only younger branches as older branches are every brittle and snap easily.


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