Habitat & Distribution of:
Rhododendron fastigiatum
Dwarf Rododendron




Rhododendron nanum H. Lév.

Origin and Habitat

Species Type:


Origins & Spread:

China - NW Yunnan Mountains

Maximum Height:

Extra small - under 10 feet

Species Growth Rate:

Slow - 1 to 12 inches per year

Longevity :

Average - 50 to 150 years;Moderately Long - 100 to 175 years

Plant Shape:


Habitat pictures:

Foliage Identification of:
Rhododendron fastigiatum
Dwarf Rododendron

Foliage Duration:

Evergreen, Partially Deciduous

Foliage Period:

All year

Foliage Type:


Foliage Size:

1.5cm-4.5cm long by 0.5cm-1.5cm wide

Foliage Shape:

narrow and tapering at each end.;broader and rounded at the tip, and tapering at the base.

Foliage Arrangement:

Alternate – Positioned singly at different heights on the stem; one leaf occurring at each node.

Foliage Color:

Blue Green;Dark Green

Fall Colour:

Blue Green;Dark Green


Leafs oblang to ovate 0.5-1.5 cm long by 0.3-1 cm wide, underside grey green with uncontiguous opaque.

Foliage Images:

Flower identification details

Flower Color:


Flower Shape:

Funnelform - Funnel-shaped

Flower Showiness:

Flowering Bonsai;Very showy

Flowering Period:


Flower notes:

Funnel-shaped, purple blue flowers bloom in trusses of 1-3 somtimes 5 flowers, in late March, with 6-10.

Flower Images

Fruit Identification Information

Fruiting Period:

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep

Fruit Size:

Small - 0.5 to 1.50cm

Fruiting Habit:


Fruit Type:


Fruit Color:

Red Brown

Fruits Ripens:


Fruit notes:

Fruit capsule ovoid between 4-6 mm and densely covered in red-brown scale. Aug–Sep.

Fruit images:

Stem Identification Information:

Bark Colour:

Red Brown

Bark Texture:


Bark notes:

Shrubs, semi-evergreen, 1–2 m tall; branches many; young shoots densely red-brown strigose, glabrescent. 

Stem Images: