Bonsai: For the Experienced Enthusiasts

This section will attempt to take us into areas of beyond basic bonsai care, survival and well being into areas where will explore the art and aesthetics of bonsai; displaying bonsai; growing your bonsai; collecting bonsai; propagation techniques; "exotic bonsai", an exploration into various bonsai schools, more advanced Bonsai styles ...

Japanese Arakawa Bark

To many Bonsai enthusiasts Watering Bonsai is perhaps one of the most mysterious parts of growing Bonsai, and unfortunately many seem to seem to bounce between over watering and underwater bonsai. This article takes and indepth look into the "Science and Art of Watering Bonsai"

Over the years, I have grown many different species as Bonsai, and used a whole host of propagation techniques to build up my collection of species - I have recorded all lot of the study and research in a stand alone database. With a little bit of programming I have now made available part of that database on-line on the web. It has already proved quite a focal point. I shall frequently be releasing more species - as I add suitable photos, and complete some housekeeping and standardisation work on individual species - well up till recently it was a personal reference database - so it does need some tidying up. My species guide can be > found here > - now with over a 100 bonsai tree species

Like the rest of my website this section this section too is evolutionary - so it will be having new items and details added almost weekly - so keep coming back.

Mark D'Cruz